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Title Abbrev Subject Source Impact factor H-Index
Acta ethologica. Acta Ethol "Behavior Behavior, Animal*" Springer N/A H-index
Acta scientiae veterinariae. Acta Sci Vet "Brazil Veterinary Medicine*" N/A H-index
Acta veterinaria Acta Vet Brno Veterinary Medicine 0.667 H-index
Acta veterinaria scandinavica Acta?Vet Scand Veterinary Medicine BMC 1.695 H-index
Acta veterinaria. Acta Vet Brno Veterinary Medicine* N/A H-index
Acta zoologica Acta Zool Zoology 1.261 H-index
Acta zoologica Lituanica Acta Zool Litu Zoology Taylor N/A H-index
Advance research in agriculture and veterinary science Adv Res Agri Vet Sci Veterinary Medicine OA N/A H-index
Advances in zoology. Zoology H-index
African journal of ecology. Afr J Ecol Zoology Africa Periodicals.Ecology Africa Periodicals.Wildlife management Africa Periodicals.Zool 1.426 H-index
African primates : the newsletter of the Africa Section of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group. " Primates Africa Periodicals. Wildlife conservation Africa Periodicals. Endangered species Africa P N/A H-index
African zoology. Afr Zool Africa Zoology Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
Anatomia histologia embryologia Anat Histol Embryol Anatomy Comparative/Anatomy Veterinary/Embryology Wiley 1.114 H-index
Animal behaviour. "Behavior, Animal* Biological Evolution" Springer N/A H-index
Animal biotelemetry. "Animal radio tracking Periodicals. Biotelemetry Periodicals. Animal radio tracking. Biotelemetry. P N/A H-index
Animal cells and systems. Anim Cells Syst (Seoul) Biological Science Disciplines Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
Animal cognition. Anim Cogn "Behavior, Animal* Cognition* Learning Psychology, Comparative" Springer N/A H-index
Animal cognition. Anim Cogn "Behavior, Animal* Cognition* Learning Psychology, Comparative" Springer N/A H-index
Animal conservation. Anim Conserv N/A ืN/A H-index
Animal genetics. Anim Genet "Animals* Genetics*" Wiley N/A H-index
Animal reproduction science. Anim Reprod Sci "Animals* Reproduction*" ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Animal science : an international journal of fundamental and applied research. Anim Sci "Animal Husbandry Animals, Domestic*" N/A H-index
Annual review of physiology Annu Rev Physiol Physiology* 16.106 H-index
Applied animal behaviour science. Appl Anim Behav Sci "Animals, Domestic* Animals, Zoo* Ethology*" ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Applied catalysis B: Environmental. Appl Catal B "Poultry Periodicals. Egg trade Periodicals. Egg trade. Poultry. Periodicals." ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Applied entomology and zoology. Appl Entomol Zool "Entomology* Zoology" N/A H-index
Aquacultural engineering. Aquac Eng "Aquaculture Periodicals. Aquacultural engineering Periodicals. Aquacultural engineering. Aquacultur ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Aquacultural engineering. Aquac Eng "Aquaculture Periodicals. Aquacultural engineering Periodicals. Aquacultural engineering. Aquacultur N/A H-index
Aquaculture international Aquac Int "Aquaculture Periodicals. Aquaculture Périodiques. Aquaculture. Periodicals. Electronic journal Springer 2.235 H-index
Asia bond monitor Bonds & Bond Markets N/A H-index
Australian veterinary journal Aust Vet J Veterinary Medicine Wiley 1.281 H-index
Avian biology research. Avian Biol Res "Ornithology Periodicals. Birds Research Periodicals. Birds. Birds Research. Ornithology. Electronic N/A H-index
Avian pathology Avian Pathol Bird Diseases/pathologyPoultry Diseases/pathology Taylor & Francis 3.378 H-index
Bangladesh journal of veterinary medicine Bulg J Vet Med Animal Diseases/Veterinary Medicine N/A N/A H-index
BARNES reports : veterinary services industry - capital & expenses series. N/A N/A H-index
Belgian journal of zoology. Belg J Zoo Zoology H-index
Bioacoustics Bioacoustics Bioacoustics Periodicals. Sound production by animals Periodicals. Animal sounds Periodicals. Sound H-index
Biotribology Biotribology (Oxf) sciencedirect N/A H-index
Bird conservation international. Bird Conserv Int "Birds Conservation Periodicals. Birds Periodicals. Oiseaux Protection Périodiques. Oiseaux Périod cambridge N/A H-index
BMC veterinary research BMC Vet Res Animal Diseases BMC 2.741 H-index
Botanical studies Bot Stud Botany N/A H-index
British poultry science. Br Poult Sci Poultry Diseases* Poultry Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
Bulgarian journal of veterinary medicine Bulg J Vet Med Animal Diseases/Veterinary Medicine OA N/A H-index
Canadian journal of zoology Can J Zool Zoology H-index
Case reports in veterinary medicine Case Rep Vet Med Veterinary Medicine Hindawi N/A H-index
Catalysis in industry Catal Ind Catalysis Periodicals. N/A H-index
Catalysis surveys from Asia " Catalysis Periodicals." Springer 3.106 H-index
Ciencia Rural. " Agricultural Technology. Forests & Forestry. Veterinary Medicine. Zoology. agronomie agronomy dier N/A H-index
Coal age. Coal mines and mining Periodicals. Coal mines and mining United States Periodicals. Coal preparation H-index
Current herpetology. Curr Herpetol Herpetology , Periodicals , Reptiles BHL N/A H-index
Domestic animal endocrinology. Domest Anim Endocrinol "Animals, Domestic/physiology* Endocrinology*" ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Entrepreneurship theory and practice. H-index
Environmental archaeology : the journal of human palaeoecology. Environmental archaeology Periodicals. Environmental archaeology Methodology Periodicals. Animal rem H-index
Epigenetics & chromatin Epigenetics Chromatin "Genetics Molecular Biology" BMC 4.954 H-index
Equine and comparative exercise physiology. Comp Exerc Physiol "Biomechanical Phenomena Exercise/physiology* Nutritional Physiological Phenomena" cambridge N/A H-index
Equine veterinary education Equine?Vet Educ Horses/Veterinary Medicine Wiley 1.063 H-index
European journal of morphology. Eur J Morphol "Anatomy* Vertebrates/anatomy & histology* Vertebrates/embryology*" N/A H-index
European journal of morphology. Eur J Morphol " Anatomy* Vertebrates/anatomy & histology* Vertebrates/embryology*" N/A H-index
European journal of morphology. Eur J Morphol " Anatomy* Vertebrates/anatomy & histology* Vertebrates/embryology*" N/A H-index
European journal of wildlife research. Eur J Wildl Res " Animal ecology Periodicals. Wildlife conservation Periodicals. Conservation of natural resources P N/A H-index
Fisheries management and ecology. Fish Manag Ecol Fishing Industry Wiley N/A H-index
Folia geobotanica Folia Geobot Plant ecology Periodicals. Plants Classification Periodicals. Botany Czech Republic Periodicals. Bo H-index
Herbertia H-index
Human and veterinary medicine Hum Vet Med Veterinary Medicine OA N/A H-index
Ibis. Ibis " Birds Periodicals. Birds. Electronic journals. Periodicals." N/A H-index
Infection ecology & epidemiology. Infect Ecol Epidemiol "Bacteriology Ecology Epidemiology* Virology" Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine Int J Appl Res Vet Med Animal Diseases/Veterinary Medicine OA 0.306 H-index
International journal of primatology Int J Primatol Primates N/A H-index
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences Iraqi J Vet Sci Veterinary Medicine OA N/A H-index
Irish veterinary journal (2006 - 2012) Ir Vet J Veterinary Medicine BMC 2.146 H-index
Israel journal of veterinary medicine Isr J Vet Med Veterinary Medicine N/A 0.270 H-index
ISRN veterinary science ISRN Vet Sci Veterinary Medicine Hindawi N/A H-index
Italian journal of zoology Ital J Zool Zoology Taylor 1.123 H-index
Italy oil & gas report. Petroleum industry and trade Italy Forecasting Periodicals. Gas industry Italy Forecasting Periodica H-index
IUCN Otter Specialist Group bulletin N/A Wildlife Management EBSCO N/A H-index
Journal of animal law "Animal welfare Law and legislation Animals Law and legislation Animal rights" N/A ์N/A H-index
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl) Animal Nutritional Physiological PhenomenaAnimal Population Groups/physiologyAnimals Wiley 2.130 H-index
Journal of animal science and biotechnology J Anim Sci Biotechnol "Animal Science and Zoology Biotechnology Laboratory Animal Science" BMC 5.032 H-index
Journal of applied aquaculture. "Aquaculture Periodicals. Aquaculture. Electronic journals. Periodicals." N/A H-index
Journal of aquatic animal health J Aquat Anim Health Fish Diseases/FishesInvertebrates Wiley 1.625 H-index
Journal of aquatic food product technology "Aquatic Science Agricultural and Biological Sciences" " Taylor" 1.767 H-index
Journal of avian biology. J Avian Biol " Ornithology Periodicals. Birds Periodicals. Animal ecology Periodicals. Animal ecology. Birds. Orn Wiley N/A H-index
Journal of avian medicine and surgery J Avian Med Surg "Bird Diseases Veterinary Medicine Medicine (miscellaneous)" N/A 0.557 H-index
Journal of botany. J Bot Botany Periodicals. Plants Periodicals. Botany. Plants. Electronic journals. Periodicals. Botany - G H-index
Journal of enzyme inhibition. H-index
Journal of equine veterinary science J Equine Vet Sci Horses/Veterinary Medicine ScienceDirect 1.583 H-index
Journal of essential oil-bearing plants. Aromatic plants Periodicals. Oilseed plants Periodicals. Aromatic plants. Oilseed plants. Periodical H-index
Journal of ethology. J Ethol Behavior, Animal* Springer N/A H-index
Journal of experimental zoology. Part B, Molecular and developmental evolution. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol "Developmental Biology Evolution, Molecular* Zoology" N/A H-index
Journal of field ornithology. J Field Ornithol "Birds Periodicals. Ornithology Periodicals. Ornithologie Périodiques. Oiseaux Baguage Périodiques N/A H-index
Journal of fish biology J Fish Biol Wiley 2.051 H-index
Journal of herpetology. J Herpetol "Herpetology Periodicals. Herpetology. Herpetologie. Amphibians. Reptiles. Herpétologie Périodique N/A H-index
Journal of Indian Veterinary Association Indian J Vet Pathol Veterinary Medicine OA N/A H-index
Journal of insect conservation. J Insect Conserv " Insects Periodicals. Wildlife conservation Periodicals. Insects. Wildlife conservation. Electronic Springer N/A H-index
Journal of mammalogy. J Mammal Mammals* N/A H-index
Journal of ornithology. J Ornithol Ornithology Periodicals. Birds Periodicals. Birds. Ornithology. Periodicals. Springer N/A H-index
Journal of physical chemistry. C. J Phys Chem C Nanomater Interfaces CatalysisChemistry, Physical*Nanostructures N/A H-index
Journal of small animal practice J Small Anim Pract Veterinary Medicine Wiley 1.522 H-index
Journal of the Indonesian Tropical Animal Agriculture. J Indones Trop Anim Agric Animal Sciences. H-index
Journal of the south african veterinary association J S Afr Vet Assoc Veterinary Medicine OA 1.474 H-index
Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. Aquac Int " Aquaculture Periodicals. Aquaculture. Electronic journals. Periodicals." Wiley N/A H-index
Journal of veterinary behavior J Vet Behav Behavior/ AnimalBehavioral Research/Veterinary Medicine ScienceDirect 1.975 H-index
Journal of veterinary cardiology J Vet Cardiol Cardiovascular Diseases/veterinary ScienceDirect 1.701 H-index
Journal of veterinary internal medicine J Vet Intern Med Veterinary Medicine Wiley 3.333 H-index
Journal of veterinary medicine. Series A = Zentralblatt fu?r Veterina?rmedizin. Reihe A. Zentralbl Veterinarmed A Veterinary Medicine N/A H-index
Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics J Vet Pharmacol Ther Drug Therapy/veterinaryPharmacology/Veterinary Medicine Wiley 1.786 H-index
Journal of wildlife rehabilitation J Wildl Rehabil Animal Science/Zoology N/A 0.375 H-index
Journal of zoology J Zool Zoology Wiley 2.322 H-index
Livestock science. Livest Sci "Livestock Periodicals. Animal industry Periodicals. Domestic animals Periodicals. Bétail Périodiq ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Mammal research. Mamm Res "Mammals Periodicals. Mammals Poland Periodicals. Zoology Periodicals. Zoology. Mammals. Poland. Ele Springer N/A H-index
Mammal review. Mamm Rev Mammals wiley N/A H-index
Mammalia Mammalia "Mammals Zoology Animal Science" N/A 0.944 H-index
Mammalian species. Mammals* Oxford N/A H-index
Marine and freshwater behaviour and physiology. Mar Freshw Behav Physiol " Marine animals Physiology Periodicals. Marine animals Behavior Periodicals. Freshwater animals Phy N/A H-index
Medical and veterinary entomology Med Vet Entomol Entomology/Insecticides Wiley 2.739 H-index
Memoirs of Museum Victoria Mem Mus Vic Earth & Atmospheric Sciences; Life Sciences; Australia H-index
Monitore zoologico italiano. Supplemento Zoology Periodicals. Zoology. Periodical. Periodicals. H-index
Museum Victoria science reports "Aquatic animals Aquatic ecology Aquatic plants " N/A N/A H-index
National hog farmer. "Swine Periodicals. Swine United States Periodicals. Pork industry and trade Periodicals. Pork indus H-index
Native plants journal. H-index
Netherlands journal of zoology Anim Biol Leiden Neth Zoology 1.115 H-index
New Zealand journal of zoology N Z J Zool Zoology H-index
New Zealand veterinary journal N Z Vet J Veterinary Medicine Taylor & Francis 1.628 H-index
North American journal of aquaculture. N Am J Aquac "Aquaculture Periodicals. Fish culture Periodicals. Fishes Physiology Periodicals. Aquaculture Péri Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
Open veterinary journal Open Vet J Veterinary Medicine N/A 0.45 H-index
Ornis fennica. Ornis Fenn " Birds Periodicals. Birds Finland Periodicals. Birds. Finland. Electronic journals. Periodicals." N/A H-index
Oryx. Oryx "Wildlife conservation Periodicals. Nature conservation Periodicals. Nature conservation. Wildlife c N/A H-index
Ostrich. Ostrich " Birds Periodicals. Birds South Africa Periodicals. Birds. Ornithologie. South Africa. Electronic j Taylor & Francis ืN/A H-index
Pakistan veterinary journal Pak Vet J Veterinary medicine N/A 1.318 H-index
Parasites & vectors Parasit Vectors "Disease Vectors Parasites Parasitic Diseases" BMC 3.876 H-index
Petroleum chemistry. Petroleum Engineering H-index
Philippine journal of veterinary and animal sciences Philipp J Vet Anim Sci Veterinary Medicine OA N/A H-index
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. Physiol Biochem Zool "Biochemistry Physiology Zoology*" ืN/A H-index
Physiological entomology Physiol Entomol "Entomology Physiology ecology" Wiley 1.833 H-index
Plant and soil Plant?Soil H-index
Plant and soil : International journal of plant nutrition, plant chemistry, soil microbiology and so Plant Soil Botany H-index
Plant biology. Plant Biol "Gene Expression Regulation, Plant Plant Development Plant Proteins Plants/genetics" N/A H-index
Plant foods for human nutrition. N/A H-index
Poultry & dairy industry yearbook. Business; Food Science & Nutrition; Industry & Manufacturing H-index
Poultry international "Poultry Periodicals. Poultry. Electronic journals. Periodicals." N/A H-index
Preventive veterinary medicine Prev Vet Med Animal Diseases/prevention & control/Veterinary Medicine ScienceDirect 2.670 H-index
Rabbit genetics. " Rabbits Periodicals. Rabbits. Electronic journals. Periodicals." N/A H-index
Reproduction in domestic animals Reprod Domest Anim Animals, Domestic/physiologyReproduction Wiley 2.005 H-index
Research in veterinary science. Res Vet Sci Veterinary Medicine ScienceDirect 2.534 H-index
Reviews in Fisheries Science Animal Sciences. 2.032 H-index
Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Pecuarias. Rev Mex Cienc Pecu "Domestic animals Periodicals. Poultry Research Periodicals. Livestock Periodicals. Domestic animals N/A H-index
Ringing & migration. "Bird banding Great Britain Periodicals. Birds Migration Periodicals. Birds Great Britain Periodical N/A H-index
Russian journal of herpetology Russ J Herpetol "Reptiles & Amphibians Animal Science and Zoology" N/A 0.636 H-index
Slovenian veterinary research Slov Vet Zb Animal Diseases/Veterinary Medicine N/A 0.749 H-index
Small ruminant research Small Rumin Res "Ruminants Periodicals. Bovidae Periodicals. Ruminants Périodiques. Bovidés Périodiques. Bovi 1.611 H-index
South African journal of animal science S Afr J Anim Sci " Animal industry Animal nutrition Livestock Breeding " N/A 1.055 H-index
South African journal of wildlife research. Afr J Wildl Res " Wildlife management Africa, Southern. Animals Africa, Southern. Animals. Wildlife management. Sout N/A H-index
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment Stud Neotrop Fauna Environ " Animal Science Animal ecology zoology ecology" Taylor 0.569 H-index
The Aquatic veterinarian J Aquat Anim Health Aquatic animals Diseases Periodicals/Aquatic animals Diseases/Periodicals N/A N/A H-index
The Emu : official organ of the Australasian Ornithologists' Union Birds/Veterinary Medicine H-index
The journal of animal ecology. J Anim Ecol "Ecology* Zoology*" N/A H-index
The journal of small and emerging business law. Small business Law and legislation United States Periodicals. Business enterprises Law and legislati H-index
The Veterinary quarterly Vet Q Veterinary Medicine Taylor & Francis 3.320 H-index
Theriogenology insight. "Theriogenology Periodicals. Mammals Reproduction Periodicals. Mammals Reproduction. Theriogenology. ืN/A H-index
Topics in companion animal medicine. Top Companion Anim Med " Animals, Domestic/surgery Veterinary Medicine*" Springer N/A H-index
Topics in companion animal medicine. Top Companion Anim Med "Animals, Domestic/surgery Veterinary Medicine" Springer N/A H-index
Trammo Inc Petroleum chemicals industry Periodicals.Petroleum chemicals industry.Periodicals. H-index
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases Transbound Emerg Dis Animal Diseases/pathologyAnimal Population Groups/physiologyAnimalsVeterinary Medicine Wiley 5.005 H-index
Transboundary and emerging diseases Transbound Emerg Dis "Animal Diseases Veterinary (miscellaneous) Medicine (miscellaneous) Immunology and Microbiology (mi Wiley 5.005 H-index
Transgenic research. Transgenic Res "Animals, Genetically Modified* Plants, Genetically Modified*" Springer N/A H-index
Tropical plant pathology Trop Plant Pathol Plant diseases Brazil Periodicals.Plant diseases Periodicals.Tropical plants Brazil Periodicals. N/A H-index
Tropical zoology. Zoology; Tropical Regions N/A H-index
Van veterinary journal Van Vet J Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Sciences OA N/A H-index
Vet scan N/A Veterinary Medicine EBSCO N/A H-index
Veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia Vet Anaesth Analg Analgesia/veterinaryAnesthesia/veterinaryAnesthetics Wiley 1.648 H-index
Veterinary and comparative oncology Vet Comp Oncol Neoplasms/veterinary Wiley 2.613 H-index
Veterinary clinical pathology Vet Clin Pathol Animal DiseasesClinical Laboratory Techniques/veterinaryPathology, Veterinary Wiley 1.180 H-index
Veterinary dermatology Vet Dermatol Animals, DomesticSkin Diseases/veterinary Wiley 1.589 H-index
Veterinary Ireland journal (2011 - present) N/A Veterinary Medicine Academic Search Complete N/A H-index
Veterinary Medicine : Research and Reports Vet Med (Auckl) Veterinary Medicine OA 0.64 H-index
Veterinary medicine international Vet Med Int Veterinary Medicine Hindawi N/A H-index
Veterinary microbiology Vet Microbiol Microbiology/Veterinary Medicine ScienceDirect 3.293 H-index
Veterinary Nursing Journal Vet Nurs J Veterinary Medicine Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
Veterinary ophthalmology Vet Ophthalmol Veterinary Medicine Wiley 1.644 H-index
Veterinary radiology & ultrasound Vet Radiol Ultrasound Radiography/veterinaryUltrasonography/veterinary Wiley 1.363 H-index
Veterinary research communications Vet Res Commun Veterinary Medicine Springer 2.459 H-index
Veterinary surgery Vet Surg Veterinary Medicine Wiley 1.495 H-index
Veterinary world Vet World Veterinary Medicine OA 0.77 H-index
Wildlife biology. Wildlife Biol "Wildlife management Periodicals. Wildlife conservation Periodicals. Game and game-birds Periodicals N/A H-index
Zoo biology. Zoo Biol Animals, Zoo* Wiley N/A H-index
Zoological science. Zoolog Sci Zoology N/A H-index
Zoology and ecology. Zool Ecol "Zoology Periodicals. Zoology. Periodicals. Electronic journals." Taylor & Francis N/A H-index
Zoology. Zoology Zoology ScienceDirect N/A H-index
Zoonoses and public health Zoonoses Public Health Animal Diseases/prevention & controlCommunicable DiseasesVeterinary Medicine Wiley 2.702 H-index
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